Five years of the Bach Virtuosi Festival

While our lives have been reshaped in unimaginable ways since March, we determined that the Bach Virtuosi Festival must have online concerts this summer.

We are proud to announce our "virtual concert series" the week of August 16, 2020. The Virtual Virtuosi will perform on our YouTube Channel. Click below to receive updates from BVF.

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There will be performances on August 16, 18, 19, 20, and 23. We will announce specific concerts in July, and we are eager to introduce audiences from around the world to the music of the Bach Virtuosi Festival via YouTube. To be updated, subscribe to our YouTube Channel or sign up for our newsletter by emailing or through our contact form on this website.

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One production we are excited about is called Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Several years ago while giving classes in Salzburg, Austria, a friend insisted that I attend a performance featuring the most acclaimed actors and actresses in Austria, reciting readings by a Jewish author, who shortly before the end of World War II, had been killed by the Nazis. It was a moving experience further enhanced by the music. Inspired by this drama, members of the Bach Virtuosi Festival will perform Brotherhood/Sisterhood virtually during the first concert on Sunday, August 16. This production is about humanity and it will involve renowned and recognized human beings reciting written works along side the music of JS Bach.

Our Brotherhood/Sister performance features the following esteemed voices!

There will be many more pieces during the Virtual Virtuosi of 2020. We are grateful for all of the support we receive from the Portland, Maine community and from thousands of individuals around the world. Our audiences travel from Europe, Asia, South America and the United States to attend BVF concerts. We are further thrilled to bring new audiences into the mix.

This is our fifth year and as a nonprofit festival, your support is greatly appreciated. A gift to BVF helps us to support our musicians and artists.

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As a supporter of the Bach Virtuosi Festival, you will help build a tradition of masterful music with some underwriters being acknowledged in the video, as our way of thanking you. All donations support the Festival’s mission of inspiring people through music and great performances. All contributions are tax deductible.

We are incredibly grateful for a community of supportive people who understand the true value of Bach and his contemporaries. This shined through during each and every standing ovation the BVF musicians received through each summer.

Please accept our warmest thanks for your interest in and support of the Bach Virtuosi Festival to date. We hope your support will grow as the Festival becomes an increasingly important part of life and as you personally benefit from more memorable concerts in the summer of 2021. Please tell a few of your friends.

With warmest regards,

Lewis Kaplan
Music Director

Ellie Chatto
Administrative Director


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